The Mackenzie Men

Tuesday, 6 February 2018 7:27 PM

I’ve been re-reading The Marriage Trap recently because it’s featuring in a Bookbub promotion in mid-February—(it’s free at all online retailers until the end of February 2018)—and I’ve fallen in love with Callum all over again.

It got me thinking about the different types of men in my Mackenzies series.

The Alpha Hero

The Alpha Hero

There’s your hard-out alpha macho type of which Callum is a classic example. (And a very fine one, too!) Physically, mentally and emotionally tough, these guys have their hearts well under control, just like everything else in their lives. Unfortunately their women don’t have an easy time of it. An alpha man needs a strong woman to stand up to him, and that’s just what Gemma is.

“He stood up, and she wished he hadn’t. Her eyes were on a level with his chest, visible through the open neck of his shirt. She swallowed and lifted her chin to meet his gaze. It was equally determined. There would be no argument. He was obviously used to getting his own way. But not this time, not with this woman. She’d had enough of being ordered around.”

This group of macho men also includes Dallas (The PA’s Revenge) who is a tough businessman, with an equally tough heart. But it’s not hard enough to stop Cassandra from getting through… eventually! Also in this group is Morgan (The Cowboy’s Craving). He’s physically and mentally strong but with a heart which Rebecca has no problem winning. But if only that were sufficient for a Happy Ever After!

These men may be tough but, like in the above photo, my alpha heroes adore their women!

The Beta Hero

The Beta Hero

Then there’s the more beta hero (I say ‘more’, because there’s always an alpha streak ready to surface when the going gets tough!). Guy (The Real Thing), James (The Playboy’s Redemption), and Pete (The Lakehouse Café) all fall into this category. These men tend to be nicer than the alphas. They’re more easygoing and, for some reason in my books, better looking than the alphas (because who really cares if the alphas' noses are less than straight—yes, I have an enormous soft spot for alphas). And they're also (intentionally) funnier. They tend to tease their women more, and they’re definitely a lot more romantic.

But alpha, or beta, (or even gamma or omega!), the Mackenzies and their friends are all my kind of guys. A woman has many moods (or this woman does, anyway)—and luckily there’s a man for every one of them…but only in my fictional world. One man is more than enough for me in the real world!!

What’s your kind of man?

Happy reading!