contemporary romance author

Yours to Cherish—New Zealand Brides, Book 3

Gabe watched Zane and Rachel leave and close the door behind them. He shut his eyes briefly, as a strange emptiness filled him at the sight of two people who were obviously hot for each other.

He had plenty of offers from local girls to keep him company at night but he never took them up on it. Not that he wasn’t tempted, but Akaroa was a small place and he held a very public position in it. Plus… he’d never been really tempted. The women had been similar to him—obvious and to the point. What you saw was what you got. It was mystery which always hooked him. And you didn’t see many beautiful, mysterious women coming to his surgery, or the pub, for that matter.

He sighed and switched out the lights. No point hankering after what you couldn’t have.

This excerpt from Yours to Treasure introduces Gabe, the socially-minded doctor with a love for mysterious women. Enter the engimatic Madeleine who turns up one day at Belendroit, his family's estate, with nothing but a backpack and a story she refuses to tell. But is this one mystery which, when solved, will do the opposite of intriguing Dr Gabe? Find out in May 2018!