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Yours to Treasure is the story of ex professional rugby-player Zane Black, and celebrity chef, Rachel Connelly, who now shuns the limelight and wants nothing more than to retreat to the safety of Belendroit—her family's estate. She's hiding something and Zane is determined to find out what.

Rachel first appears in The Lakehouse Cafe, book 6 of The Mackenzies.

Yours to Treasure

Yours to Cherish is the story of Dr Gabriel Connelly and the mysterious Madeleine who turns up one day at Belendroit, his family's estate, with nothing but a backpack and a story she refuses to tell.

Gabriel first appears in  The Lakehouse Cafe, book 6 of The Mackenzies.

Yours to Cherish

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Coming June 2017

Yours to Give

Yours to Give is the story of Max Connelly—owner of a Queenstown resort complex—and Laura McKinney—YouTube sensation and thrill-seeker extraordinaire, who never refuses a dare. But will she be able to accept Max's challenge?

Max and Laura first appeared in The Lakehouse Café, book 6 of The Mackenzies.

Where to Pre-order

Where to Pre-order

Where to Pre-order